Protection and fixing of merchandise

The fastest, cheapest, most versatile and safest system to protect and secure merchandise in a container.

Why use dunnage bags?

  • It is the fastest system for lashing goods.
  • It is a very easy application system.
  • The merchandise arrives at its destination without damage or claims.
  • They are suitable for trucks, trains, ships, containers, etc.
  • Different measures adaptable to all types of goods.
  • Different qualities of resistance (Up to 40 Tn.)
  • Available in different materials: Raffia and paper.
  • It is a very economical system thanks to its low cost.

Avoid damage to merchandise with dunnage ProBag

Inflatable bags prevent lateral and longitudinal movements during transport

Different manufacturing materials

These are bags or sacks made externally with materials such as paper and polypropylene raffia, and incorporate a valve to inflate them. Inside, they have a plastic bag made of polyethylene that retains the air, and they are available in various resistance levels.

Different sectors of application

Suitable for the glass industry, spirits, wines and beverages in general, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, paper industry, detergents, soaps, electronics, heavy industry, ceramics, perfumes, cosmetics, plastic coils, paper, metal, explosives, oils and lubricants, renewable energies…

Different levels of resistance

At J2 Servid we have a wide catalog of dunnage bags (more than 70,000 units in stock), with different sizes, materials and applications (from level 1 to 5 of the AAR certificate), and all of them with ISO certification. All materials and bags are provided with ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

Probag categories

Discover the dunnage bag that best suits your goods and the transport system

ProBag Bladder


ProBag Bladder

Ideal dunnage bag for very light goods, made exclusively with virgin plastic and without the outer layer of polypropylene raffia.