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protección de mercancías

Specialists in lashing systems for the protection of goods

Inflatable bags and sacks, void fillers, lashing systems,
insulation, desiccants and protection of goods

More than 30 years of experience offering solutions so that your merchandise is transported in perfect condition (by road, sea, air or rail) and thus avoid damage during transport, such as load movements, breakage, humidity problems, sudden changes of temperature, etc.

Protection of goods during transport

At J2 Servid we offer a wide range of solutions so that your cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition, whether by road, sea, air or rail transport.

Individual counseling

We study the case of each client, advise them and offer the product that best fits each need.

Investigation and development

At J2 Servid we are constantly researching new solutions and innovating new products to protect your cargo.

More than 30 years of experience protecting goods

Specialists in solutions to protect your cargo during transport

Products and Services

Discover the different types of products for the protection of goods according to the needs of your shipment.