J2 Servid
J2 Servid is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the packaging market for the protection of goods during transport

Our products are essential for your merchandise to be transported in perfect condition and thus avoid damage during transport, such as movement of loads, breakage, humidity problems, sudden changes in temperature, etc.

We have extensive experience in the sector to be able to suggest at all times, which is the perfect system to protect your freight. We take care of your case, advising you and offering you the solution to your problems.

 Our philosophy is to constantly look for new solutions and innovate new products to protect your freights.

 We are in an increasingly globalized market, where goods are exported to more distant countries and often in extreme conditions, so it is convenient to protect them correctly during transport.

 J2 Servid offers you a wide range of different solutions to protect your freight during transport, by any means: sea, road, air or rail.

We are your global supplier in cargo safety and transport packaging

Our goal, the safety of your freights.

At J2 Servid, we have been working for more than 25 years to find different solutions in load protection and securing systems in the transport of goods and that is why our goal is the safety of your loads.

 No matter what you ship, count on us for advice and innovation.  Our team will help you by recommending the best solution for your case, thanks to the diversity of products we have and our know-how in lashing and cargo protection and securing systems in transport.

At J2 Servid we have a large technical team dedicated to the safety of goods, creating stowage solutions adapted to your products and your shipments.

A load that is poorly stowed or without the correct protective packaging can cause the return of the merchandise, claims, penalties, replacements, extra expenses… And what we understand to be more serious, work accidents or the loss of the client.

Our products are tested in the best laboratories worldwide to carry out all kinds of tests: resistance, compression, absorption tests (AAR, Germanischer Lloyd, TUV, Itene…), in order to offer you the best products and solutions on the market.

According to the statistics of the European Union, 25% of traffic accidents during the transport of goods are due to poor stowage and poor fixing of loads.  (Official website of the European Union).

J2 servid contributes through EUMOS to provide all kinds of solutions in the protection of loads during transport, whether with inflatable bags, truss straps, non-slip, void fillers…

In each shipment, we do not have second chances, the lashing and protection of merchandise must be done correctly from the first moment…

Remember, Dissatisfied customer = loss of customer.

At J2 Servid we have multiple systems for protecting and securing loads during transport, such as inflatable bags and sacks, lashing straps, void fillers niupacks, container desiccant bags to absorb moisture, insulators and isothermal covers for goods, new systems lashing approved such as Tygard or Voidgard, protection corners for transport…

25 años de experiencia protegiendo mercancías
Especialistas en soluciones para proteger su carga durante el transporte