Stevedoring courses for cargo
and transport professionals

At J2 Servid we offer the necessary training so that your workers know and stow the merchandise following European standards.

Knowing the procedure for loading and stowage of the different types of goods is a qualitative leap and recommended for any cargo and transport company. How to stow a load, what tools and PPE are needed or know the applicable regulations and the chain of responsibilities are just some of the points that every cargo manager should know.

With extensive experience in the sector, and with different professionals specialized in stevedoring and training, from J2 Servid we offer you face-to-face and/or online training courses on stevedoring of goods. Without a doubt, an extra in the quality of its service as a transport company.

Personalized training for stowage of goods

Compliance with European standards and the chain of responsibilities are not the only points that should concern us during the transport of goods. The fact of stowing the cargo correctly benefits the transport companies, as well as the final customer.

Ensuring that the cargo arrives at its destination in good condition and without damage will save us problems with the client and economic losses. For all this, at J2 Servid we believe that it is highly recommended that shippers have the necessary training for the stowage of goods. A point of quality in your business, and in your service.