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The first Smart Container Stowage Guide

J2servid have created the first “Smart Guide” for container stowage. It’s an intelligent and interactive guide, full of videos and links that contain all kinds of information on stowage tools, several loading techniques, calculations, regulations, responsibilities… Essentials to adapt to the latest modifications and regulations of the new RD 03/2022, and that helps you to understand everything necessary to stow merchandise in maritime containers in a safe, efficient and professional way.

When we wrote this Smart guide on container stowage, we thought about all those professionals who during the last 30 years have asked us for recommendations, calculations, tools and stowage techniques on the market, such as avoiding damage to their merchandise, cost optimization, stowage, applicable regulations, shipper/carrier responsibilities, legal issues,… and all these points pushed us to create this interactive guide in which we have tried to capture all this helpful information for all those who are passionate about logistics and transportation, and try to help everybody to secure loads and avoid damage and accidents during transport.

The idea of making this guide interactive is because we want to be always updated, and everymonth we are changiong some things about new rules, regulatory changes, new stowage tools, legal issues,…

The guide has been written by our director Carles Font, together with Eva Maria Hernández Ramos and Carlos Hernández Barrueco, directors of EILO®

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The J2 Smart Guide includes:
· Introduction to the container
· Stowage tools by category
· Regulations, responsibilities, contracts and conditions
· Use of wood in the container
· Damage and claims management
· European stowage sheets with examples of loads

Smart Guide Presentation

Empack 2022

Smart Guide Presentation

Empack 2022

J2 Servid also offers advice for the creation of stowage sheets ECSC as well as we offer the Campus J2 E-Learning stowage and lashing where you can access online to the preparation for the EUMOS 40607-2:2020 Expert course Qualified in Cargo Securing and Transport Packaging, especially for Logistics and Transport Directors and for all those who want to have training in cargo securing.

This prestigious title can be obtained by studying through our platform or trough a book and then do an online exam conducted by EUMOS itself.

The J2 e-Learning Campus is a center qualified to teach this Eumos title and also with access to our platform, where you can enjoy more than 20 extra pills on various topics of great interest (videos of diferent calculations, how to understand the labels of the ratchets, tension forces, types of inflatable bags,…)