Lashing straps and cargo mooring systems

Protect your cargo with these lashing systems

Why should I use ProLash?

  • Because they are certified cargo lashing systems
  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Approved and certified by various international laboratories
  • Available in various types of width and resistance
  • Suitable for use in trucks, sea containers, ships, trains, flat racks…

Prolash Categories

Discover the different models of ProLash



Cross cargo lashing system for lashing maritime containers.

ProLash cargo lashing systems and mooring straps are a fast, efficient and low-cost system that replaces traditional mooring systems, metal straps and chains. All ProLash products are certified by Germanischer Lloyd. ProLash certified cargo lashing and mooring straps are available in widths between 32 mm and 50 mm and with linear strengths of up to 7,500 daN.


ProLash Container Set

This lashing system is designed so that it can be easily installed inside the maritime container. Each set is made up of 2 sections of vertical straps with 2 carabiners at the ends, so that they can be easily anchored in the upper and lower rings of the container, and from which 2 parallel straps come out that are joined together by means of buckles, and once joined with the buckles, the strap is tightened with a reusable tensioner. The 2 parallel belts that the system incorporates are adjustable in height. (There are also models with 3 belts and with 4 belts)

ProLash C-AS

Practical and easy solution to secure the final part of the load, preventing the merchandise from moving towards the final part of the container door. This system is recommended by several shipping companies for the loading of dangerous goods, following the CTU code of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

ProLash Sheet

ProLash Sheet is an easy-to-fit shipping container lashing system. It is a raffia panel made with 4 carabiners in the corners, which is used to prevent the merchandise from moving backwards and avoid any type of accident. Ideal system for unpalletized goods. It is also often used to prevent possible theft when the merchandise is covered.


ProLash Door

ProLash Door consists of a very resistant chain lined with a polyester protector and with hooks at the ends to be able to embrace the 2 vertical bars of the container doors, thus preventing merchandise from falling out when opening the doors.

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The most versatile protection system for dangerous goods in containers on the market today and is approved to secure cargo in maritime containers with drums, Big-Bags, IBC’s, dangerous goods, explosives and all types of palletized merchandise, by the Association of American Railroads (AAA). It also meets cargo securing standards set by IMDG, FMCSA, USCG and ADR RID.


ProLash Tools

They are the manual or pneumatic tensioners that we need to be able to carry out the lashing between the belt and the buckles, and thus ensure that the merchandise is well tied and lashed.


ProLash Buckle

Buckles designed and certified to be able to carry out the cargo lashing system for your merchandise. These are very resistant buckles and are available in various sizes and thicknesses depending on the type of ProLash tape to be used.

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ProLash Ratchet

Lashing ratchet composed of a 9 mts tape + ergonomic tensioner