on demand e-Learning

Access stowage training from your company, with a 100% quality training guarantee

With the same guarantees as face-to-face training, at J2 Servid we offer an e-learning platform so that cargo stowage managers can access the necessary content online, from their company.


Knowing the procedure for loading and stowage of the different types of goods is a qualitative leap and recommended for any cargo and transport company. How to stow a load, what tools and PPE are needed or know the applicable regulations and the chain of responsibilities are just some of the points that every cargo manager should know.


On demand Stowage training 

In this sense, by accessing our e-learning platform you will be able to carry out the online training, at the time you set, and in the time you need. Through our website, and with personalized access, you will be able to access the necessary content to guarantee that those responsible for the cargo have the necessary knowledge for the stowage of goods.

Same training, but in digital format and with the time flexibility that this entails.