Avoid the damage of the “rain effect”
with our range of desiccants

Desiccants to avoid humidity in maritime containers

Desiccants products ProDry Gel and Prodry Clay

Why should I use desiccants?

  • The humidity that is created inside maritime containers is one of the main problems and cause of claims in maritime transport.
  • This humidity can cause fungus, mold, corrosion, oxidation, dust on the merchandise.
  • Desiccants absorb moisture and make it easier for merchandise to arrive in perfect condition at its destination.

Avoid the “rain effect” with our range of desiccants

Moisture absorption in shipping containers

They avoid the “rain effect”

Inside the containers a “microclimate” is created due to the humidity of the air that facilitates the penetration of water vapor inside the packaging, a fact that can damage the cargo if it is not protected properly.

Easy application

Desiccant bags are placed inside containers, outside of packaging, hanging or on top of pallets.

Merchandise protection

To avoid damage, at J2 Servid we offer a wide range of desiccant products for maritime containers, which absorb moisture and make it easier for the merchandise to arrive in perfect condition at its destination.

Prodry Categories

Different models of desiccants to protect your cargo from moisture


ProDry Gel Container

Concentrated desiccant with a very high absorption capacity, specially designed for maritime containers. It transforms humidity into a gel. The main advantages over traditional 2kg desiccants of clay are a shorter placement time (fewer bags need to be placed per container and less heavy), lower storage cost (occupies 4 times less space), does not ooze water once saturated and is suitable for food environments. Reduces carbon footprint and is available in various formats.

Available in Twinbag (500 gr) Stripe (750 gr i 1000 gr).


ProDry Clay Container

They are desiccant bags to protect the merchandise from humidity during transport in containers. The desiccant is composed of natural clay and calcium chloride. Under normal conditions, it is recommended to put 1 kg. per foot, that is, 20 kg. for 20′ containers and 40 kg for 40′ containers. The desiccant bags must be evenly distributed inside the container.


ProDry Clay Pack

The ProDry Clay Pack is a natural clay desiccant to protect products from moisture inside closed spaces or packaging (boxes, bags, refills, etc.).
Very useful for chemical products, machinery, electronics, automobiles,… Available in various sizes and formats type A and type B.


ProDry Vdry Absorbent blanket

J2 ProDry absorbent blanket is an ultra-absorbent blanket that acts as a waterproof barrier between your merchandise and the humidity that is created on the roof of the container, the so-called “rain effect”. This revolutionary system can absorb up to 8 litres/m2 and is ideal for tropical destinations with high humidity.

Compatible system with ProDry desiccant bags.


ProDry Vdry Liner

Vdry Liner has been developed as a comprehensive container lining to ensure goods remain clean and dry from loading until they arrive at their destination.

Unlike other container linings on the market, Vdry Liner combines lightweight and adsorptive materials with a mold-inhibitor to prevent contamination of goods.